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Crayfish, Crows, and Comics

I always enjoy the poetry challenges that David Harrison posts on his website, and this week’s was no exception.   David offered a word list with “cr” sounds, and asked participants to use as many as possible in a poem, with the target age of K-2.  Here’s a slightly revised version of my poem (with two fewer “cr” words than the original, in exchange for a crunch/lunch rhyme.)

Photo by Harald Miller, from Flickr

Photo by Harald Miller, from Flickr

Crawdad Creek

Crowd of crawdads crawls in creek,
waving claws that pinch and crunch,
bashing, crashing as they creep;
flock of crows crowds at creek,
feathered crooners caw for lunch–
craving crawdads, fill their beaks.



I also enjoy participating in Laura Purdie Salas’ 15-word or less challenge.  The identity of this week’s photo is a mystery to me.  Are those Easter eggs hung up on a cork board?  Exercise balls lined up in front of a mirror?  Colored lights above a bathroom sink?  A hoarder’s collection of empty L’Eggs containers?

The only colored eggs I had in my Easter-less childhood were silly putty eggs.  Remember the smell of silly putty?   That scent instantly transports me to the “den” in my childhood home, where I’m hunched over the Springfield Republican, making mirror images of ads and colored comic strips.  Here’s a slightly-more-than-15-word version of the poem that this memory sparked:

Silly Putty on Sunday Morning

Knead, pressSilly-Putty_2
lift, peel
s  t  r  e  t  c  h—
Dick Tracy’s smoothed
, soothed
with sagging jaw;
crush, roll, pat again:
Snoopy droops,
forever cursing
Red Baron.

Hop over to Think Kid, Think! where Ed DeCaria is hosting Poetry Friday to read today’s roundup AND serving up the definitive history of Poetry Friday!



Yin and Yang

One of my favorite moments of April’s poetry celebration was receiving a poetry postcard from Ethan, a student at Silver Star School.  The postcards are a project of Jone, at Check it Out, and her students.  I was so impressed with Ethan’s poem and art! Ethan's Poem smaller I love the way Ethan balances light and dark in his words and drawing.  His poem inspired my own:

For Ethan

You beeline, bend
through yin and yang:
fragrant blossom, skunky night
soothing current, blaring fright
an earthy taste, an acrid tang.

Your mind designs
coarseness, beauty:
shivered darkness, warming light
diminished hope, dreaming flight
a scam, a scheme, a steadfast duty.

Striving, longing,
you reach for more:
solo ride, a teammate’s soul
bigger slice, a part of whole;
awash with worth, you share and soar.

–Buffy Silverman, all rights reserved
Pages from 28_abby's mantises

In other news, a story that I wrote many, many years ago is in Click this month.  Paula Morrow accepted the story for Ladybug (in 2002!) and it got lost in the shuffle after she left the magazine.  I’m happy that the editors fished it out for Click and delighted that it’s finally published (and I love Paige Billin-Frye’s illustrations for the story.)  It’s a story that aims to teach nonfiction through a fiction format–you know, the kind that writers are told editors hate and you should avoid writing at all costs?  I guess I wrote it before I knew any better!  You and your favorite five-year old can listen to it here.



Today’s Poetry Friday host is Anastasia Suen of Booktalking.