Monthly Archives: January 2014

In the Moonlight

Two weeks ago, the mailman brought me a wonderful surprise–the January issue of Spider Magazine with a poem of mine! The poem was accepted several years ago (2007!) and I did not know it had been scheduled for publication. The January issue is the 20th anniversary of Spider Magazine, and it’s nice to be part of Spider’s birthday celebration (and to have Kristina Swarner’s terrific illustration accompany my poem.)

This poem was one of the best gifts my husband has given me.  He was looking out our upstairs window at the snow-covered yard and noticed that the long dark shadows of the trees on the moonlit snow looked like spider webs.  I grabbed a piece of paper and wrote this poem:


Looking for more poetry to keep you warm this winter?  Head over to I Think in Poems where Betsy is hosting Poetry Friday!18923_original

And if you’re looking for some inspiration for the new year, consider participating in Shannon Abercrombie’s  “Start The Year Off Write” challenge.  I’ve signed up, and think it will be a good way to rev up the writing motor.Badge_StartTheYearOffWrite