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Some Valentine Birds and a Little Snow Love


I admit to feeling relief when I’ve read about the brutal cold and endless snow that I’ve missed during our North Carolina sojourn.  But I’ve missed winter too.  And that might explain why I felt like a kid longing for a no-school day when the snow started to fall on Wednesday.  I wasn’t thrilled about waking up IMG_6988to no power on Thursday, but we’re used to long power outages, and this one was over in the early afternoon.  Then the ice turned to huge fluffy flakes, and I was glued to the window again.  One full-fledged snowstorm a winter suits me well.

IMG_6832The birds at our feeder acted like they wondered why the heck they were spending the winter in North Carolina when serious snow started falling.  Eight cardinals, about twenty white-throated sparrows, some titmice, Carolina chickadees, Carolina wrens, house finches, two towhees, and a couple of bluebirds were flitting in and out of the bushes next to the feeder.  When the snow got heavier they perched in the shelter of the bush.  I captured a few of them in the photos on this page.IMG_6937

I was definitely in a mood to celebrate the snow when I saw Laura Purdie Salas’ 15 word-or-less poem prompt on Thursday afternoon.  Here’s an expanded version of the poem that her snow-cloud prompt inspired:

IMG_6810Recipe for a No-School Day

A bottle of blizzard
A gallon of glee
A bushel of books
A barrel of tea
A cubit of sun
An icicle tree
An acre of forts
A merriest me.
–Buffy Silverman, all rights reserved.

Happy Valentines’ Day, and Happy Poetry Friday!  Visit Linda Baie at TeacherDance for a sweet Valentine’s Day Poetry Friday celebration.IMG_6864IMG_6973