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Summer Poem Swap

2014 Summer-Poem-Swap emailEvery afternoon I hike to my mailbox, hopeful that I’ll find something other than bills and junkmail, and seldom is that hope realized. But during the summer poem swap, organized by Tabatha Yeatts, my mailbox is a treasure chest! My loot started with a poem of summer wishes from Mary Lee Hahn:  linda_toad lily

I’m happy to report that all of Mary Lee’s wishes came true for me (especially fireflies.  Many, many fireflies.) Mary Lee’s poem was in a frame with a magnetic back and its cool wishes have been hanging on my refrigerator.

My next treasure came from Robyn Hood Black who was inspired by a golden silk orb weaver (aka Nephila clavipes) who spun a giant web just outside her front porch:robyn_spider-1

Lowly scribe?  Leaden words?  I beg to differ.  Robyn’s gift also included another exquisite photo of her charming spider, who I hear was recently joined by Mr. Orb Weaver and is now busily weaving spider booties in anticipation of spiderlings.

Robyn’s spider poem was followed by a gem from Linda Baie featuring both flora and fauna:
linda_toad lily-2photo credit: ReinventedWheel via photopin cc

I have a weakness for merry toads and lilies in fashionable attire!  And for all the charming poems that have brightened my summer.  Thank you summer swappers!

I have to admit that my procrastination got the better of me this summer, and the first couple of poems that I wrote for the swap were more than a little late (in fact procrastination was the subject of my poem for Robyn.) My third swap poem was only a few days tardy, and I managed to send out the fourth one a day before the deadline. One more poem to go, and I’m pledging to send it out early!  I followed Tabatha’s writing prompts for poems 2-4 which were lots of fun (and made me wonder why I didn’t tackle them sooner…) I’m looking forward to receiving two more treasures in my mailbox this summer.

18923_originalFor more Poetry Friday treasures, drift down to Bayou Teche where Margaret has this week’s round-up.