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It’s Halloweensie Time!

Susannah Leonard Hill
is once again hosting a teensie weensie Halloweensie writing contest. The rules of the contest are to write a 100-word or less Halloween story for children that uses the words pumpkin, broomstick, and creak (or any form of these words including creaky, creaked, pumpkiny, pumpkining, broomstuck, broomstickier, etc.)  The story can be written in prose or poetry.  Here’s my tale, which might be best read on November 1:




The Morning After

Last night she flew beneath the moon
and cackled at each ghost and ghoul.
She waved her wand and cast a spell,
bewitching every home and school.

She sped through graveyards, swooped through barnyards,
scaring pumpkins, stealing treats.
She gave each cat a broomstick ride
and stayed up late to haunt the streets.

But now she’s queasy–ghostly pale–
with creaky knees and achy head.
She drinks a potion, chants a charm,
then moans and groans and slumps to bed.