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A Celebration of Wild

_MG_5983Irene Latham, one of the nicest people I’ve never met (and an amazing poet) is hosting a Wild 10 Year Blogiversary Celebration today. In honor of her blogiversary, she’s asked folks to contribute a wild-themed poem.

The wildest creature in my life is our new dog, Dakota. We’ve had Dakota for about two months–he was a stray Plott hound who lived in prison for 10 weeks, learning some basic commands and good behavior before being put up for adoption. I hope he brought joy to the inmates who trained him–he’s a sweetheart of a dog with soulful brown eyes and a penchant for leaning on anyone willing to pet him. Dakota inspired this poem, and Irene gave me an excuse to share some photos of Dakota. Thank you both!

Dog Days

A tang of sky
A sniff of breeze
A bark, a cry
A dash through trees
A track, a trail
A bound, a leap
A snug of tail
A ball of sleep
–©Buffy Silverman