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First Snow

Monday morning we awoke to the season’s first heavy snow. Branches had fallen, including a tree that took out the power to my neighborhood. We survived the one day outage, and got to enjoy a morning of cross-country skiing on Wednesday.

There’s nothing more magical than that first snow. Every twig and branch sparkled. We haven’t had school-aged kids for almost 10 years, but I still smiled when I heard the no school announcement! I headed out with my camera to enjoy the wonder. The fresh whiteness was soon covered with dog tracks and boot prints.

And today’s mail brought more snowy magic! Lucky me, I found a package from uber-talented and joyful poet Irene Latham for the winter poetry swap! The package overflowed with treasures–paper snowflakes that were recycled from a My Little Pony book (google helped me identify the source of the snowflakes from the Ms. Wiggins, Lulu, and Anna names I spotted,) a very fun journal that was made from a recycled Dr. Seuss The Foot Book, and best of all, a gorgeous poem written by Irene (with words recycled from my poem in The Poetry of US!) Here’s the poem and a few snowflakes for you to savor:


Thank you, Irene–and thanks to Tabatha for organizing the poetry swap! Be sure to visit Carol’s Corner for today’s Poetry Friday roundup.

Happy Halloweensie!

It’s Halloweensie time again at Susanna Leonard Hill’s blog. The challenge this year is to:

write a 100 word Halloween story appropriate for children (children here defined as 12 and under) (title not included in the 100 words), using the words shiver, cauldron, and howl


Here’s my Halloweensie entry, written on Halloween!

The Wavering Witch

Witch’s hands were trembling.
She tiptoed out the door.
Candles flickered wildly.
She heard a gusty roar.

A horde of creatures gathered,
cloaked in eerie sheets.
Their scuffling, clomping footsteps
echoed on the street.

She clutched her broom. She faltered,
spooked by the fearsome troop.
Their raucous din was growing.
They yowled, moaned, and whooped.

Her legs were quivering jelly.
She started to retreat
until her stomach growled,
recalling tasty treats.

A cauldron filled with candy
will halt the shivering fright
of howling ghouls and goblins
that prowl through the night!
–©Buffy Silverman

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