Cat Coder
December 3 - 8, 2018

Happy Computer Science Education Week! Here's a poem to help you celebrate.

New Books
January, 2018

Hop! Hop! Meeehh! Meeehh! Clomp! Clomp! Oink! Oink! My four new titles for Lerner Publishing's Little Pets series are now out. Read all about these cute critters in Dwarf Rabbits, Pygmy Goats, Mini Horses, and Mini Pigs. I also ventured into the World of Gaming with two other titles: The World of Pokémon and The World of Mario Bros.

Author Interview
December, 2017

Thanks to Kazoo Books for including me in their annual author hop, and to Gloria Tiller for interviewing me at her store.

Magical Monarchs wins a Merit Award!
August, 2017

The Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators awarded me the 2017 Magazine Merit Award for nonfiction. I was especially proud of the photoessay that I wrote for Ask Magazine because it included many photographs that I took while raising monarch caterpillars. You can read the article here.

A Star for Mars
March, 2017

Booklist gives Mars Mission and other titles in Lerner's Space Discovery series a starred review!

"Mars Missions lays out the technical challenges of traveling to Mars, discoveries made by rovers in the past couple of decades, and projects currently in the works to eventually send humans to the red planet.... Each title is packed with photos and diagrams, all of which are clearly labeled, but the real star is the fascinating, current information, which fills every page. Space-obsessed kids will find plenty to wonder over in these slim but meaty volumes." – Sarah Hunter

New Books!
Fall, 2016

It's biomes and baby animals for my new books this season.

Celebrating Young Authors!
May, 2015

I had a wonderful time speaking to 3000 students from Michigan's Upper Peninsula at the Marquette-Alger Young Authors' Festival. These talented young authors came to Northern Michigan University and shared stories they had written. They also memorized and recited poems, and even wrote poems to introduce me to their groups. It was a wonderful week—and I saw these moose on the way to the final day of presentations in Baraga Michigan!

The next week I headed to Ohio to visit schools and participate in the Claire's Day celebration—a terrific program celebrating reading.

March Madness Poetry!
March, 2015

I had a blast participating in March Madness Poetry again. Similar to the "real" March Madness, the competition starts with a bracket of 64 poets. In each match the poets are assigned a word and given 36 hours to write a kid-pleasing poem. The winner is determined by a public vote, an "authlete" vote (the 64 writers in the contest) and a classroom vote (approximately 2000 elementary school kids participated.) Much to my surprise, I won this year's madness! Here are my gargoyles, ignominious, paunch, vaunted, sandwiched, and otherwise poems.

Hopping Around The Internets!
Winter, 2015

My wonderful webmistress has updated my website. Click on the POETRY tab to see what's new.

I was happy to participate in No Water River's Poet-A-Palooza for the Poetry Friday Anthology for Science!

I've been appointed "Science Sleuth" over at Today's Little Ditty. Read my posts here and here.

Dinosaur Look-Alike Books are here!
Fall, 2013

"By encouraging readers to notice similarities and differences, the set engages them with age-appropriate critical thinking, making this set a natural choice for Common Core use."

--School Library Journal, Series-Made-Simple

Animal Look-Alikes in the Classroom!
August, 2013

Lerner Publishing's Blogspot featured one of the nicest notes I've ever received, from a second grade teacher who used my Animal Look-Alike series in her classroom. Find it here.

Hot review for Hot Air Balloons!
April, 2013

Here's Daniel Kraus at Booklist's review of How Do Hot Air Balloons Work?

How hard is a hot air balloon to understand? It's a balloon, right? It floats upward, right? Au contraire, says this impressively cogent entry into the How Flight Works series. Using playfully arranged text and the big, bright photos that have become trademark to the Lightning Bolt brand, Silverman explains the engines, cords, and vents that make flight possible, as well as how meteorological study compensates for the unnerving fact that "balloons cannot be steered." (One page illustrates how hot air balloons "float like dandelion seeds on a breezy day.") Info on safety, passenger loads, and balloon storage lead to a final diagram labeling the parts of a passenger balloon and a page of deeper facts, making this an airy, swift-but still quite informational-package.

Happy New Year!
Winter, 2013

Happy New Year! The new year brings new books, from jets to genetics. Take a spin on the carousel and check them out.

School visits
December, 2012

I spent two fun days visiting with wonderful kids and teachers at Sturgis elementary schools. Read about it here.

Don't forget to vote!
Fall, 2012

Fall, 2012

I'm participating in PiBoIdMo in November, a challenge to think of 30 picture book ideas in 30 days.

Books galore!
Fall, 2011

My wonderful webmistress has just added links to my new fall titles. You can now view my books on four pages, grouped in these categories: Animals; Our Environment; Our World and Beyond; Our Bodies.

Sneak Peek of Animal Look-Alikes
Summer, 2011

The first six titles of Lerner's Animal Look-Alikes series (written by me!) will be out in August. I'm excited to share these new books with young readers. Visit the Lerner blog to read editor Anna Cavallo's description of the series.

A Star for Old Dogs
Spring, 2011

Can an Old Dog Learn New Tricks is a Bank Street College Best Children's Book of the Year. It's listed as a starred book (Outstanding Merit) in science. Many thanks to the Children's Book Committee!

Honoring All Mammals!
Winter, 2011

Do you know the name of this mammal?

Do You Know about Mammals? has been named an Honor Book in the Science - Grades K-6 category by the Society of School Librarians International.

Old Dogs on New List!
Fall, 2010

Scholastic Instructor included Can an Old Dog Learn New Tricks? in its list of Best New Nonfiction Books, for kids in grades 3-5. It's an honor to have my book listed with these terrific reads!

Two New Books
September, 2010

Part of the Protecting Food Chains series from Heinemann-Raintree:

Old Dog Reviews!
February-March 2010

Here's what Tracy Alley, reviewer for the National Science Teacher's Association, says about Can an Old Dog Learn New Tricks? and Other Questions About Animals:

"Can an Old Dog Learn New Tricks," illustration by Colin W. Thompson copyright © 2010 by Lerner Publishing Group, Inc. Reprinted with the permission of Lerner Publishing Group, Inc.

"This is a book every student who loves animals will want to pick up and read... The text is easy to understand, and the author does a nice job keeping the answers concise and entertaining. My students loved this book and continually crave this type of nonfiction... I highly recommend this book for a science classroom or school library."

Read the entire review here.

Kim Hutmacher also reviews Old Dogs on the Wild About Nature Blog:

"We learn in Silverman's new book that we can indeed teach old dogs new tricks and that in fact, bats are not blind at all! Silverman... combs through the fiction and myths and gives readers the scientific truths. Her text is thorough and interesting, and the accompanying photographs and illustrations engage the reader further."

The Midwest Book Review reviews Old Dogs in the March issue of Children's Bookwatch:

"Topics range from "Is It True that Fish Don't Sleep?" (they don't close their eyes, but they rest in different ways) to "Can a Cat 'Steal' a Baby's Breath?" (no). Can An Old Dog Learn New Tricks? is just the kind of intriguing bundle of data and suppositions and analysis that kids can understand and explore comfortably."

Sneak a Peak at Old Dogs
January 2010

Can an Old Dog Learn New Tricks? And Other Questions About Animals is hot off the press. Is it true that the early bird catches the worm? Do camels really store water in their humps? Read the answers to these questions and more. Here's what you'll find inside my new book:

I was interviewed!
December 2009

Debbie Diesen, my good friend and author of The Pout-Pout Fish and other fine picture books, interviewed me for her Michigander Monday series. You can read the interview on her blog: Jumping the Candlestick.