A Peace Day Poem

One of the beauties of Facebook is finding out about the existence of things like International Day of Peace, and being inspired by others to write something for it. Fall is making itself known in Michigan, and I can’t think of anything more peaceful than watching the seasons change. So here’s an acrostic to celebrate both Autumn and Peace:


Passing between field and woods, the scent of autumn fills my lungs.
Each step stirs a cauldron of earth. Fallen leaves crackle, bees
Alight on goldenrod. The thrum of cicadas competes with the
Cawing insistence of crows and the gathering rattle of cranes,
Eclipsed only by the rumble of thunder, by the turning of time.
–©Buffy Silverman, September 21, 2017


Margarita Engle & Amy Ludwig VanDerwater are hosting a PeaceDay padlet–check out some writing and art projects celebrating peace there.

And it’s almost Friday–Amy’s also hosting Poetry Friday at The Poem Farm.

43 thoughts on “A Peace Day Poem

  1. It is a busy busy world–but the bubbling cauldron of earth feels peaceful when it’s simmering along like it ought to, without too many human cooks stirring the pot! I’d like to take a walk with you, Buffy.

  2. Thanks for this textural, and inspiring fall Peace poem Buffy! I loved the image you created in this line,
    “Each step stirs a cauldron of earth.” It reminds me of my tea mulch that I am daily stirring. And I can also hear all the cicadas in this line, ” The thrum of cicadas competes with the ,” they are quite intense with this last bit of summer heat, beautiful!

  3. I have not heard the rattle of cranes! I’m assuming that’s the birds? Now want to hear them! Oh – and just saw your youtube link. I’m a little familiar with that. Our brolgas trumpet – usually a deeper raucous rumble (think elephant) – but sometimes a hint of that rattle. I wonder if we live in an Australian equivalent of your environment? We’re between three dams – and the big dam has abundant wildlife – most especially birds. #love

  4. So beautiful and evocative, Buffy. Especially love “the gathering rattle of cranes.” I love thinking about the turnings of autumn in a context of peace and calm.

  5. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful image of peace. The sights, sounds and smells mimic what I experience on my walk this morning (except for the snake sleeping by the roadside–my reaction wasn’t quite as peaceful, but I did leave him lie).

  6. A walk I took last early fall came to mind immediately and illustrated this poem in my mind as I read. It’s beautiful from the cauldron of earth fragrances to the rumble of thunder. You captured a precious moment. Thank you for sharing Peace Day.

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