The Moon in June

Happy Poetry Friday! Irene Latham, today’s Poetry Friday host and all-around inspiring human being, requested that bloggers share poems about the moon. Irene is celebrating her new poetry collection, THE MUSEUM ON THE MOON, about objects people have left on the moon. One of my favorite poems about the moon (and apparently also Irene’s!) is […]

Nocturnes and Aubades

This week I had the pleasure of attending a lunch-time workshop with Shutta Crum (a Michigan friend and writer whom I have long admired) on writing nocturnes and aubades. The workshop was sponsored by Hope at Hand as part of the Jacksonville Poetry Fest. If you are like pre-workshop me, you might have little to […]

Progressive Poem, 2023

Happy National Poetry Month! I’m on the road right now, traveling to the younger offspring’s house in Lincoln, Nebraska where we will celebrate Passover. (Passover is my favorite holiday–a time for families to gather and retell the story of moving from slavery to freedom, to celebrate the renewal of springtime, and to slurp matzoh ball […]

Welcome to Poetry Friday!

I’m happy to host and participate in Poetry Friday today. We are enjoying the end of an unusually cool and wet spring, with lots of time spent looking at and photographing wildflowers. One of my favorite late spring flowers is Pink Lady Slippers. I first fell in love with lady slippers when I worked at […]

Fake News

I’ve been having a lot of fun writing daily poems for Laura Shovan’s February Poetry challenge. The theme for the month is time, and yesterday’s prompt was the Chicago song, Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? I wrote my response while warming my hands after a very cold walk with the spouse and […]

Time Traveling

I’m participating in Laura Shovan‘s February poetry challenge again this month, and am really enjoying the daily challenge of writing to a prompt, without having any expectations other than to get some words on the screen. The theme for the month is time–and since time has felt like a slog for some of the past […]