Happy Halloweensie

There’s an online Halloweensie Contest on Susanna Leonard Hill’s blog.  The rules of the contest are to write a 100-word or less Halloween story appropriate for weensie readers, using the words spooky, black cat, and cackle.  Here’s what I came up with:

I haven't photographed any witches or ghosts lately, but here's a giant millipede from last weekend's walk.
I haven’t photographed any witches or ghosts lately, but here’s a giant millipede from last weekend’s walk.

Witch and Ghost

Witch and Ghost walk hand in hand.
They pass Black Cat, sleek and grand.
A tree branch rattles.  Cold winds blow.
But Witch and Ghost have far to go.
Their shoes clip clop on long, dark roads.
Their backs are bent with heavy loads.
Witch climbs the steps.  She pulls the gate.
Ghost slips through.  They can’t be late.
They hear a cackle!  A spooky shriek!
A dark door opens with a creak.
Witch grips her broomstick.  In Ghost glides.
What frightful sights await inside?
–Buffy Silverman, 2013, all rights reserved

Not wanting to leave you with a cliff-hanger, here’s the Halloween party I picture as a final illustration:

Well, maybe that’s the wrong kind of party for the weensie set.  (But in my defense, when you do a google image search for Halloween parties, most seem to be aimed at an adult audience.  When did Halloween become a grown-up affair I ask in my most curmudgeonly voice?)  This one might be more appropriate:kids-halloween-party-1






Are you suffering from a Halloween hangover?  Waltz on over to Teacher Dance where Linda Baie is hosting Poetry Friday and treat yourself to a healthy dose of poetry. 18923_original

67 thoughts on “Happy Halloweensie

  1. I can’t believe I missed this until now. It’s fun and so well done. Nice rhymes and perfect meter. I think it would be a great way to start a Halloween class discussion.

  2. Wow-your story has lots of support, Buffy, and it’s good! I think you set up the background so well (cold winds blow, & long, dark roads/ , but especially love the idea of the witch and ghost working so very hard (heavy loads), & then wondering what was in store behind that door. Yes, I guess Halloween has become an ‘event’ for all comers! Thanks for such a fun story! That millipede is wondrously large!

  3. Great “weensie” story, Buffy! Interesting that a picture of alcohol would come up with a search for “Halloween party”! I heard on the radio that Halloween is the #2 holiday for alcohol consumption after New Year’s Eve! Crazy! =)

  4. Very evocative and captures the eerie but not too spooky spirit of the season. It does seem adults these days are having a little too much fun on Halloween :). So many good poems entered in Susanna’s contest. I’m glad I’m not the one who has to pick the winners.

    P.S. The millipede gives me the shivers. Used to have those in my mom’s house all the time and it just felt weird when they curled up to die.

    1. Thanks Michelle (should I admit that you’re giving me more credit than I deserve? I chose slipped for its sound and pictured ghost going through after the gate was opened. But now I see it is as you described, and will take credit for being more brilliant than I am!)

  5. Excellent work, Buffy! I’m so glad we are connecting through Susanna’s contest. I love to write in rhyme…and I think you do as well. This was a perfect little story…it has the feeling of Frog and Toad…for Halloween…and in rhyme. What could be better!!

  6. Oh, wow, Buffy! This was fun from start to finish! I loved your poem (and totally pictured that they would walk into a kids halloween party even before the accompanying photo :)). I love that you illustrated your poem about a witch and ghost with a giant millipede 🙂 And I think you used your curmudgeonly voice to great effect! 🙂 Thanks so much for joining the Halloweensie high jinx and shenanigans! 🙂

  7. Thanks, Penny. But I have to be honest–it wasn’t that quick. I had something that I started a while ago that the contest inspired me to finish and revise. (Well, I don’t know that it’s finished, but done enough that I’m willing to share.)

      1. Glad you enjoyed it, Ann. And I hope you’re enjoying this pre-Halloween week. It doesn’t quite feel like Halloween here in NC (high 60’s today; leaves still on the trees and just starting to color–not that I’m complaining!)

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