Happy National Haiku Poetry Day!

Did you know that today was Haiku Day?  I did not, until I read a facebook post with a link to Robyn Hood Black’s bog, about 5 minutes ago.  I have not written much haiku–I think most of my poetry ideas are too long and convoluted for that form–but I always admire these succinct moments.  Last week I was inspired to write a haiku after watching Laura Purdie Salas’ poem starter video with a poem from GUYKU: A Year of Haiku for Boys.

So in honor of haiku day, I’ll post this recent, unbaked snippet:

spring rain softens soil
earth’s scent rises on wind’s whispers
robin prizes worms
— Buffy Silverman, all rights reserved

I’m not entirely satisfied with that second line.  I’ve also played with:

earthy scent rides the wind
earth’s scent rises
earth’s scent rides windy sighs
earth’s scent rises on wind’s bluster

I’m guessing the second choice is most haiku-ish.  But it somehow feels incomplete.  So for now, I’ll leave you with the whispering wind.


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