It’s Time for the Madness!

I’m participating in March Madness Poetry again this year, and the first round is over. My word was otherwise–a tad bit easier than my unlucky opponent’s word–megalomaniacal!

I have no kangarooster photo. Here are some photos of this week’s school visits instead.

I was happy to have a softball word, because I was out of town visiting the awesome kids at Schickler and Emma Murphy Elementary Schools, in Lapeer, Michigan (I especially enjoyed being part of a family literacy event one night, and an ice cream with the author event the second night.) My school visits meant that I wrote my poem in the Best Western–and the internets were out, so I could not bounce ideas off the usual suspects. So I thought back to an idea that I had during PiBoIdMo–to write some poems about chimera animals. I have made no progress on that, but “otherwise” made me think of a kangarooster. Why? Who knows…  Here’s the poem:

Henny and Kangarooster: A Love Story
By Buffy Silverman

A lonely bird, a loveless hen, pined and daydreamed in her pen,
until she eyed the kangarooster. She begged a chick to introduce her.
The day she met this Romeo, she hoped that he would be her beau.
Otherwise, she’d wilt and mope. She’d die alone. How could she cope?

She watched him sproing, she heard him crow. His boinging thumps set her aglow.
She clucked and flapped a wingding show. An arrow flew from Cupid’s bow.
Kanga gaped and was entranced. He cock-a-doodled as she danced.
And thus began their grand affair: this boinging, clucking, mismatched pair.

Demonstrating one of the many hats an author wears–this is my “think-like-a-kid hat.”
Kindergartners transformed into gliding garter snakes.







I was a little disappointed with this poem when I finished it, and too tired to start something new. But the voters seemed to enjoy it, and after rereading it six million times it no longer seems quite as lame as it did when I wrote it. I think if I were to revise it I’d like it to be a love affair between two different chimeras. But that’s a task for another day. Or maybe not at all.

The  next round of March Madness poems will be posted on Sunday night. You can read all of the contest poems here and vote for your favorites from Sunday night through Tuesday morning.

Laura is all dressed up for Poetry Friday at Author Amok, where you’ll find links to lots of poetry goodness.

19 thoughts on “It’s Time for the Madness!

  1. As you know, I LOVE this fantastical poem, Buffy – such wonderful quirky goodness. I would SO like to see you write a collection of chimera animal poetry. (Do it! Do it! Do it!) And for the record, I think all school visits should include an “ice cream with the author” event!

  2. Buffy,
    I thought your first round poem was a quirky bit of fun! I’m so glad you’ve moved on to round 2! Can’t wait to read your next poem.

  3. May the Force of your Poetry Friday pals be with you as you address “sandwich.” I loved kangarooster!

  4. “His boinging thumps set her aglow.” — makes me smile 🙂 Congrats, Buffy! Good job making the most of being out of your element!

    1. It’s a fun exercise–I started jotting down all kinds of strange animal combinations. When my kids were young they had a board book with split pages where you could mix up the syllables (and top/middle/bottom) of different animals.

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