NOTE: Click here for information and discounted fee structure for Virtual Visits! Please contact me with any questions.

My School Visit Rates, 2023-2024

All in-person visits include four hardcover books of my choosing. I will mail books to your school after receipt of a signed contract. I encourage librarians and teachers to prepare students for the visit by sharing one or more books. Your students can also visit the Poetry page of this website and my blog to read more of my writing. Many of my books are available on EPIC and other subscription services.

Full Day, schools within 150 miles of my home (up to 4 sessions): $850 plus travel expenses.

Full Day, schools farther than 150 miles from my home (up to 4 sessions): $1000 plus travel expenses, hotel and meals.

Half day (2 sessions): $550 plus travel expenses. NOTE: ONLY OFFERED FOR SCHOOLS WITHIN 50 miles of my home (area code 49012.)

For schools that desire a half-day visit that are farther than 50 miles of my home, try pairing with another local school. Or let me know of your interest in a half-day visit and I’ll tell you if I get another request in your area. The two schools split all travel expenses.

LIBRARY VISIT (within 50 miles of my home): $200 for a single presentation, up to one hour.

Travel Expenses

Gas: 50 cents/mile (IRS 2010 rate) from my home. I live between Kalamazoo and Battle Creek, Michigan, zip code 49012. There’s no mileage charge for schools and libraries within 35 miles of my home.

Hotel: Please provide overnight accommodations if I would need to leave home before 7am to arrive at your school thirty minutes before the first presentation. I’m happy to drive the same day if you have a flexible schedule.

Budget constraints? Consider partnering with a neighboring school. The two schools share one full-day fee if you make the arrangements with another school. Often a hotel will donate accommodations if requested by a PTO or other school group.

What I will need during my visit

Please supply an LCD projector for my presentation and a table to display books. Please also provide a microphone (clip-on preferred if available.) I request that you send a final schedule one week prior to the visit, and that you allow a minimum of ten minutes between sessions.

Book Sales

I am happy to offer books for sale for student or school purchase at a reduced rate. Please contact me for an order form. I will also sign books purchased through a bookstore or distributor.

Questions? Interested in a virtual visit? Ready to schedule an in-person visit? Contact me!