Fifteen words or more

I’ve written before about participating in Laura Purdie Salas’ 15 word-or-less challenge.  It’s the one challenge that I try to do weekly.  Thursday’s prompt was a picture of colorful rubber bands, which made me think of braces.  I remembered the taunts that some kids faced after getting braces, and thought about how a shy kid might reply. […]

The Progressive Poem is Here Today!

April 20, 2014 I’m happy to host day 20 of the Kidlitosphere PROGRESSIVE POEM, the brainchild of our poetic community organizer, Irene Latham. Nineteen poets have taken us on a line-by-line reflective journey that began with peacock strutting and elephant trumpeting, denied the fate of stars and stones, rode whirlwinds on eagle wings, stopped to pick […]

Puzzling Poems

I’m trying to keep up with my RhyPiBoMo pledge to write a poem a day for April.  I’ve got a poetry project that I’m hoping to finish this month, but those are poems that I’m not always able to draft in a day.  So I’ve also been finding inspiration in some online challenges. Last week’s […]

A Predatory Walk

I wish I had had a camera with me on my walk the other day.  A cooper’s hawk flew low over the road (practically over my head) with a screeching squirrel squirming in its talons, the squirrel’s tail thrashing from side to side.  We followed the hawk to where it landed and watched it for […]

Happy Poetry Month!

So many exciting poetry events online in April!  If you have not yet perused all of this month’s poetry goodness, check out the full list at Jama’s Alphabet Soup. My first stop for poetry inspiration this month was 100 Scope Notes, where Travis is inviting folks to write book spine poems.  I did not take […]