I was out back with the hound today and noticed a crowd of Canada geese near my neighbors’ dock. One goose paddled close to shore, and was quickly chased away by another. Wondering what was causing the hullabaloo, I tiptoed through the woods for a closer look and found….goslings! After a quick trip back to […]

A Few Water Poems

Laura Shovan has a #WaterPoemProject going on at her blog, with terrific prompts each day for National Poetry Month. I intended to participate regularly in the project. My actual participation has been…. somewhat less than regular. But I jumped back on the bandwagon this week and wrote for a couple of the prompts. On Tuesday […]

Progressive Poem 2020

I’m happy to be participating in the Progressive Poem again this year. The Progressive Poem is an April tradition, started by Irene Latham and continued this year by Margaret Simon. Each poet adds a line as the poem builds and travels from blog to blog. This year’s poem has turned into a choose-your-own adventure, with […]

Goose Talk

Happy Poetry Friday! How are you celebrating National Poetry Month? I intended to participate in Laura Shovan’s Water Poem Project this month. I have not written a poem for every prompt, but I figured I should at least write something for the prompt I offered. And there’s still time to respond to those I missed. […]