I was out back with the hound today and noticed a crowd of Canada geese near my neighbors’ dock. One goose paddled close to shore, and was quickly chased away by another. Wondering what was causing the hullabaloo, I tiptoed through the woods for a closer look and found….goslings!

After a quick trip back to the house to grab my camera, I watched the new family for quite a while. They were charming, scurrying about while Papa Goose stood as a sentinel, and Mama Goose clipped the grass. And the other geese on the lake seemed as taken with watching goslings as I was.

I posted a few goose photos and wrote a few lines about them on Facebook–I didn’t plan to post a goose report on my blog. But then tonight I read Laura Salas’s Poetry Friday post–a skinny. I vaguely remembered the form (not sure if I’ve written one) and was inspired to write a quick draft in honor of our new neighborhood flock. And, of course, to have an excuse to share some gosling photos (I was a little too far away for crisp photos on a cloudy day, but they are still cute birthday photos.)

Goslings’ First Day

New parents follow their flock —
flock, their new parents follow.
–©Buffy Silverman

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11 thoughts on “Goslings!

  1. What fun! I love the playfulness of your skinny (so hard to write when I’ve tried them). We have geese that visit our pond regularly, but I haven’t spied any goslings yet.

  2. I saw your FB pics, and appreciate all that you share, Buffy. They are darling to see. I hope I’ll be seeing a few at the lake when I visit these next weeks. Love the skinny, “fluffball’!

  3. I love it! Nice job with the first and last lines, the hardest part of a skinny in my opinion. We have a pair of geese at our little pond but no goslings. Now I’m worried it’s too late. I am desperate for fluffballs.

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