Poetry Friday–The Pet Edition

Lucky me! I got an early look at one of Lee Bennett Hopkins’ final poetry anthologies, Bless Our Pets. The book features poems of gratitude for all kinds of pets, from goldfish to gerbils, and hamsters to horses. Lucky you–I’m going to share a few of my favorite spreads from the book:

Kristine O’Connell George’s delicious language makes me feel like I’m part of the dream: the nicker, the neigh, the velvet softness, the moonlight tangled in the mane. Wow! And Lita Judge’s illustration captures that dream-like quality.

Speaking of dreams, take a peek at Lois Lowry’s “Mouse Dreams:”

I love the perfect mousey description–tail half-circled, chin on pink paws. Watching the mouse’s ears twitch and the animal shudder, I feel the narrator’s desire to comfort and reassure. What more can a pet owner do to express her love than to promise to take care of her pet? The barn owl in pursuit of our hero, Mr/Ms Mouse, makes me want to reach into the illustration and lift it to safety.

Finally, I’d like to share Lee Bennett Hopkins’ poem, “My Old Dog.”

This poem fills me with all the feels–first, because it was written by the late Lee Bennett Hopkins. And second, because my old dog is snoring at my feet at this moment, his gray muzzle twitching, his old bones resting. “Snuggle into me while I scratch your ears” pretty much sums up our every day.

Thanks to Eerdmans Books for Young Readers for sharing this treasure . Bless Our Pets comes out on April 16th. It’s sure to be a hit with poetry and pet lovers!

And speaking of pets, one of the poems I wrote for the February daily poetry challenge featured one of my early attempts at adopting a jarful of critters. Here’s my sad story:

Happy March and Poetry Friday. Linda Baie writes about the ripples that spread with the choices we make at Teacher Dance, where you’ll find links to all of this week’s posts.

8 thoughts on “Poetry Friday–The Pet Edition

  1. “I turned myself into tall grass” what a beautiful, kidlike vision. Someone at Erdman’s reached out to me and asked if I wanted to read an early copy of Bless This Pet. I eagerly look forward to paging through these beautiful poems and illustrations. What a wonderful way to remember such a great poet and friend to children and their poetry.

  2. Your grasshoppers live on in your lovely poem, Buffy. I’m looking forward to BLESS OUR PETS not only for the words, but also for the precious illustrations that are the icing on the cake. Thanks for sharing the spreads.

  3. Buffy, wow, I loved reading all these delightful pet poems. My favorite has to be the sweet pet mouse safely dreaming. Your grasshopper sacrificial lambs are a treasure too. I think a lot of us have stories of “pets” in a jar that we didn’t know how to properly care for. Nice post. I’m looking forward to the new Bless Our Pets anthology.

  4. Buffy, I remember this poem and how it reminded me of swim team children searching for frogs when there was a meet at another country club pool. Children are curious about capturing bugs, butterflies, and frogs. I love the memory in your poem and your word choice in the last line. Ah, Lee’s beautiful way of writing will be honored once again.

  5. I am so looking forward to this book, Buffy, know that it will bring both tears and smiles. Your poem, too, feels so far-reaching, a child’s wonder and a piece of early grieving while learning. It is poignant to consider how we try to make amends.

  6. Buffy, we are sympatico in our response to BLESS THIS PETS… I love all these selections, too! And yes, so sad that some creatures are lost as we learn…how lovely of you to bring these grasshoppers back to life in your poem. xo


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