A Celebration of Wild

_MG_5983Irene Latham, one of the nicest people I’ve never met (and an amazing poet) is hosting a Wild 10 Year Blogiversary Celebration today. In honor of her blogiversary, she’s asked folks to contribute a wild-themed poem.

The wildest creature in my life is our new dog, Dakota. We’ve had Dakota for about two months–he was a stray Plott hound who lived in prison for 10 weeks, learning some basic commands and good behavior before being put up for adoption. I hope he brought joy to the inmates who trained him–he’s a sweetheart of a dog with soulful brown eyes and a penchant for leaning on anyone willing to pet him. Dakota inspired this poem, and Irene gave me an excuse to share some photos of Dakota. Thank you both!

Dog Days

A tang of sky
A sniff of breeze
A bark, a cry
A dash through trees
A track, a trail
A bound, a leap
A snug of tail
A ball of sleep
–©Buffy Silverman



39 thoughts on “A Celebration of Wild

  1. Buffy–perfect poem, perfect summary of a dog-day! Eli, is a “leaner,” too, whenever anyone pets him. He curls into their legs like a giant C. What joy–and SO MUCH ENERGY–oy! I had never had a big dog (65 lbs) before we adopted Eli (part German Shepherd, part doberman, part noodlebrain), and didn’t understand that his head was SO BUSY that he simply couldn’t hear my commands through all that doggy A.D.D. I was told over and over that he would calm down when he was two years old;I scoffed. But sure enough, he turned two and walked through the Calm Dog door.

    We who live with animals are surely blessed.

    And we who know Irene Latham are, too. <3

  2. Buffy, you have oh-so-captured the essence of DOG here! Loved learning a little more about your new family member, and what a great program for canids and humans he has come from. I’m with Irene loving the “tang of sky,” and that “ball of sleep” – perfect!!

  3. Congratulations on your new dog and lucky Dakota! I remember learning about the prison dog training program from watching Cesar Milan’s show. It’s nice to hear that the dogs are placed with families after their training.

  4. You’ve made me want to run right over to pet Dakota, Buffy. What a sweet dog, and ‘wild’ poem for him & for Irene. I love that ‘snug of tail’, & that yawning picture.

  5. Oh, Buffy, I am in love with Dakota! What a great story he holds. And now you’ve given him a “tang of sky” poem. I love it. Thank you so much for introducing us and for sharing in my blogiversary celebration and for being YOU. xo

  6. Oh, Dakota! What a great story this dog holds… And now you’ve given him this tang of sky poem. I love it! Thank you so much for introducing us and for being you! xo

  7. I love the “ball of sleep”! My grand-dog, Gracie, runs like Dakota does–with obvious wild abandon! It’s an amazing sight when she runs in long circles around and around and around and around.

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