Fake News

I’ve been having a lot of fun writing daily poems for Laura Shovan’s February Poetry challenge. The theme for the month is time, and yesterday’s prompt was the Chicago song, Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? I wrote my response while warming my hands after a very cold walk with the spouse and the hound. If you guess after reading this that I am ready for spring, you would be correct.

February’s Fake News

Peter, peter, peter,
tufted titmouse sings,
marking his territory,
defending tree holes
where his mate might
build a nest.

I curl my hands into fists,
burrowing fingers
deep inside the palms
of my warmest mittens.
Too cold, I tell the titmouse.
Too soon.

He heeds my words,
retreats to the feeder.
A chickadee takes his place.
Spring soon, chickadee sings
then darts from branch
to branch.

Ha! I think.
I shiver, then sing my reply,
words rising from the recesses of my brain:
Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?
Chickadee does.
He insists again:
Spring soon.

Yesterday a warm breeze blew.
Droplets hung from branches,
mist billowed across the frozen pond.
Snowdrops stabbed their leaf blades
through softening soil
surrounding flower buds,
almost open.

Today the buds are sealed shut,
blades huddled tightly around them.
Chickadee ignores the cold.
Spring soon. Spring soon.
Spring soon.

I wipe the tears
from my frozen cheeks
and try to believe.
©–Buffy Silverman

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9 thoughts on “Fake News

  1. Buffy, you did a great job of working the song title in. I love all the imagery in your poem. I especially love Chickadee’s hopeful persistence. : )

  2. Buffy, this is such a beautiful poem. It reminds me of time in rural NYS where it was that kind of cold right on the cusp of spring. I feel like I have been on that walk with you. Wonderful birdsong and lyric blending. Well done!

  3. Love this. Such vivid imagery; felt I was right there with you, hearing that persistent chickadee. Brrrrrr! We’re all ready for spring and it’s nice to know nature is so optimistic.

  4. This is lovely, Buffy! Our birds definitely think spring is coming soon – we saw three chickadees in a bush on a walk earlier this week, and the crocuses, snowdrops and daffodils are all budding or blooming. Thanks for sharing this with us today!

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