Happy Earth Day!

I was driving home from my morning yoga class/workout and heard someone mention Earth Day. Dang, I thought, I should have posted an Earth Day poem for Poetry Friday.  When I got home I figured better late than never. I searched my files for something appropriate, and came across this poem entitled “Recipe for a May Day.” That’s easy enough to adapt…so here it is, Happy Earth Day, Happy Poetry Friday, Happy April is Poetry Month, Happy Passover, etc etc.

_MG_0372Recipe for an Earth Day Celebration

Gather colors while you walk:
Choose the hues of sky and feathers.
Stir with greens of grass and trees.

Pick a pinch of petal purple.
Whisk with streaks of wormy pink.
Top with golden sun and breeze.
–Buffy Silverman, all rights reserved



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10 thoughts on “Happy Earth Day!

  1. “Pick a pinch of petal purple”
    It’s so bizarre that most of the flowers I saw today were purple–as if the world was noting the passing of Prince.

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