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I have a sneak-peek to share with you today. Lucky me–this week I received an F&G of one of Laura Purdie Salas’ upcoming books. Finding Family comes out from Millbrook Press in March, 2023. And boy is it a charmer!

A Happy Mailbox Day!

Finding Family tells the (true!) story of a mallard duckling raised by a pair of loons in a Wisconsin lake in May, 2019. With captivating lyrical language the book shares the saga of this unusual family. For an unknown reason the loon parents lose their two loon eggs (which might or might not have hatched.) Around the same time a newly-hatched mallard chick is separated from her family, and the loon parents raise the mallard as their own. I love that the story presents only what is known and lets the reader know that the rest is mystery: “Nobody knows.”

We see the loon parents treating the mallard as a loon chick, and the mallard duckling adapting and thriving. Here’s one of my favorite spreads from the book (thanks to Millbrook Press for sharing this:)

Why does a duckling who instinctively tips up a day after hatching to dabble on seeds and bugs take minnows from her adoptive parents? How does this dabbler learn to dive? We’re left with a sense of amazement as we watch this extraordinary family share time together. The illustrations capture the enchantment–beware the cuteness overload when Duckling rides piggyback, “like the captain of a ship.”

Finding Family will fascinate young nature lovers and inspire all readers and listeners to take a closer look at nature’s mysteries. Older children and teachers will also appreciate the extensive back matter. Be sure to put it on your to-be-read list for this coming spring!

On another note, I enjoyed presenting a shop talk for SCBWI-Michigan on Saturday morning about using lyrical language. If you’re interested in listening to the approximately 45-minute talk you can find it here for the next week. I also attended the SCBWI-Indiana celebration of April Pulley Sayre conference on Saturday. I was a big fan of April’s books and had the good fortune to meet her in-person a couple of times. It was a lovely celebration and an inspiring day!

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43 thoughts on “It’s Poetry Friday!

  1. Thank you, Buffy and Laura for your replies on Laura’s blog. I don’t know why but, I couldn’t leave a reply to either of you. Oh my, I love the illustration of the duckling standing on the loon’ back! This book looks and sounds fascinating. I can’t wait to read it. Wow, a duckling learning to dive like a loon! Nature is full of surprises. Thank you, Buffy and Laura, thank you for this wonderful peak into the beautiful Finding Family. Buffy, thank you for the link to your presentation that I will have to look at. I love April Pulley Sayre’s books!

  2. Buffy: Thank you so much for this lovely post and for the link to your presentation. I enjoyed it very much! Your autumn book is wonderful.

  3. Thanks for the detailed insights regarding Laura’s new book, Buffy. Such sneak peeks are invaluable to fellow literature lovers. Congratulations all round, I am down with ducks! Thank you also for hosting.

  4. Thanks for the sneak peek, Buffy and Laura and Milbrook–this is the kind of story we need more of, the ones that remind us (as I heard in a song from my past this morning) “You cannot go against nature, because when you do, when you go against nature, that’s a part of nature too.” Although I suppose there *are* boundaries even there. And thanks for hosting, Buffy!

  5. Another loon book, this is so cool! Congrats to Laura – and thanks for sharing the news, Buffy! (and for hosting!)

  6. PS I just finished watching your presentation–lovely, clear info, and I was surprised and happy to see SNOWMAN mentioned in there. Thanks! Along with so many other books I love. Such good news that you’re at work on a third book in your series :>)

  7. Buffy, Thank you for this post – it is chock full of goodness! I’ll just have to get a copy of Laura’s new book. We live on a Wisconsin lake and have loons. I’ve become very enamored of them and their calls. Of course, they are gone for the winter now. And, thank you also for sharing your talk. I will be sure to come back to view in in the next few days! Lastly, thanks for hosting!

  8. Wow! Laura’s new book looks terrific! Thanks so much for sharing, Buffy. I look forward to reading it, and to watching your presentation.
    I was at the SCBWI Indiana conference, too. April Pulley Sayre was a dear friend. I miss her terribly.

  9. Thanks so much for sharing Finding Family, Buffy, and for your kind words! I’ve started listening to your talk and can’t wait to watch the rest of it. (Presenting virtually is strange, isn’t it?)

  10. I’m smitten with the idea for this book – and the book itself looks absolutely wonderful. Thanks for sharing, and Congrats to Laura! ( & to the illustrator and the whole book team). I’m sure you were a hit at the conference, and glad to know about the celebration for April Pulley Sayre. One thing she said at a conference has always stuck with me: “Some manuscripts are just compost for other manuscripts to grow” – or something close to that.
    Thanks for hosting this week, Buffy!

    1. Bridget, you are too funny! On a virtual session I’ll be doing next week for students, I’ll be sharing both the beautiful loon wail and the more prosaic mallard quack. I’ll think of you :>D

  11. FINDING FAMILY looks so delightful! Thanks for sharing Laura’s upcoming book. We’re on the same wavelength, in a way, as I’m talking about nature today too. Thanks for hosting, Buffy!

  12. Oh, thanks for the sneak peek into Finding Family! It *does* sound charming and adorable. Something wonderful to look forward to in 2023!! Thanks, too, for the link to your talk and for hosting this week! Enjoy your weekend. 🙂

  13. Finding Family — what a great story! There is a lot of adapting (and mystery) in life, love, and families. Congrats to Laura!
    I hope to listen to your talk. Thanks for sharing and for hosting!

  14. What a delightful post Buffy, I love seeing Laura’s forthcoming book—How truly amazing nature and especially this odd couple are! Congrats on your recent talk, and thanks for sharing it and hosting too!


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