Poetry Friday: The Camouflage Edition

Welcome to Poetry Friday. I’m happy to host the roundup today. The air is a little smoky in my neck of the woods, but not as bad as some of you are enduring. Here’s hoping that rain arrives soon and that smoke and haze disappear!

Fortunately I’m still able to spend time outside, watching all the critters that share our home, and trying to capture them with my camera. Two of those creatures inspired a little writing today. The first is a rough-draft of a rhyming poem about a cryptic Tulip-tree Beauty Moth. The second is a tanka inspired by the tiny monarch caterpillars creeping on the swamp milkweed near our dock.

Like a Moth to a Flame
No flash with his flutter,
he wears a disguise
that conceals him from beasts
with sharp beaks and bright eyes.

At dusk he alights
through the shadowy gloom.
Smitten, he flaps
towards his mate’s sweet perfume.
–Buffy Silverman

Tanka by the Swamp

Cloaked in bold colors,
caterpillar chomps through green.
Unperturbed by beaks
or jaws that plunder, devour,
she sews milkweed into wings.
–Buffy Silverman

Looking ahead, Irene Latham will be hosting Roundup on June 30, and she’s doing a “Moon in June” theme. On that day you’re invited to share a favorite moon poem (yours or someone else’s), a moon memory, a moon story, a moon dream…or whatever your moon-heart desires!

In the mean time, there are this week’s posts to enjoy! Please leave your Poetry Friday blog links below:

34 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: The Camouflage Edition

  1. Floating with your keen photography & gossamer words, dear Buffy.

    “she sews milkweed into wings”

    Buffy, so many times fortunately I’ve read great writing/poetry about milkweed plants & butterflies, so for you to write about this magix & transformation in a new & lyrical, lilting lifting way, like I said, this floats me. Appreciations.

  2. Buffy, the haze in the sky was gray for two days, a fog-like shading that covered the sky. The 2nd we could smell a smoky scent. Today is better. I hope your environment is safe for all soon. Sharing your nature poems is always a treat. Both of the poems are detail-oriented and appealing. Thank you for hosting.

  3. (Second try… I think I messed up my first comment)

    Buffy, you weave magic with camera and words! I love “No flash with his flutter” — especially since it’s his standing still that captivates and draws me in. Hope this is a sneak peek into a new NF PB!

  4. Buffy, you weave magic with camera and words! Love “No flash with his flutter” — especially since it’s his standing still that captures and draws me in. Hope this is becoming a new NF PB!

  5. What a gorgeous way to start my Friday, Buffy—I agree with Margaret: your rhyme is so organic and natural and packed with information at the same time. Such a “mentor poem” for me! And yes, “sews milkweed into wings” is exquisite and unique!

  6. I saw your ‘moth’ photo on twitter, amazing, Buffy, so glad you wrote about it, too. It is amazing. And I love that ending for the caterpillar, “she sews milkweed into wings.’ Thanks for hosting!

  7. I love how you make a rhyme seem so natural that I don’t even notice until I read it again. And these two poems invite multiple readings, such amazing descriptions of nature. I envy that you have monarch cats. I’ve planted a full butterfly garden and nothing is eating it but wasps. Maybe my expectations are too high. Good luck with the smoky air. Thanks for hosting.

  8. That moth is amazing, Buffy! Good eyes, you. And the sewing metaphor is gorgeous and inspiring! Thank you. Appreciate also the reminder about June 30 Moon in June theme. Yay for summer wonders! xo

  9. I, too, am swooning over “sews milkweed into wings.” Perfection. Thanks for hosting us — speaking of which, I’ve got the July-December sign-up ready at A(nother) Year of Reading!

  10. I agree with what others have said. “sewing milkweed into wings” is a beautiful phrase. Thanks for this lovely peek into nature, Buffy!

  11. These are magical, Buffy. “She sews milkweed into wings” has captured my heart. We have so much milkweed here, and that transformation is nothing short of miraculous every single time. Thank you for hosting us with such wonder. xo, a.

  12. Oh! I feel like I just got refreshed with a dose of wonder. (That’s especially welcome as we wind down the school year –which somehow seems to wind everyone (including me!) up!.) The word choice and rhyme in the first poem is masterful and like so many others, I love the line “she sews milkweed into wings.” Wonderful photos, too! Thanks for a great post and for hosting today!

  13. I love this “she sews milkweed into wings” line, Buffy! Our milkweed is just starting to come up for the year. Hopefully, it will be sewing monarchs, soon!

  14. Thanks for sharing these poems celebrating natural wonders, Buffy. Rhyme and tanka to the fore. The camouflaged and the risk takers. The images fit perfectly with your words. Thank you also for hosting.

  15. Love your Tulip-tree Beauty Moth poem Buffy, you really captured this marvel-camouflaged moth–must be quite a site to see at night all alight! I shared a haiku about milkweed wings today too. Thanks for all these nature treasures and for hosting–it’s always a treat to soak in the critters and nature at your blog!

  16. oooooh, Buffy! I love the topic of camouflage for poems. “sews milkweed into wings” is great. I’m feeling a bit punchy here…and have entered a “daffy drafty” phase of life. Just a few more days of school. Thanks for hosting! I love being able to count on you for nature shots and poems.


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