Scaredy Cat

This month’s challenge at Today’s Little Ditty is a monstrous one. Rebecca Herzog asked us to consider another viewpoint. “Most everyone is afraid of monsters. But what are monsters most afraid of?”

Here’s my very-recently written (aka Friday afternoon) answer:

I have no black cat, but here’s a non-mummified dog.

Scaredy Cat

She’s buried in her human’s tomb,
stuffed with sand, wrapped in gloom.
With leathery skin and marble eyes
she’s unaware of her demise.

Her body’s dried. She cannot rot.
Her trembling fear is all for nought.
What does she see? Her own reflection,
as she stares in all directions.

A tomb of mirrors–caught, confined–
this mummified cat’s ghastly shrine!

Happy Poetry Friday! Visit Karen Edmisten’s blog for all of this weeks posts, and to read a wonderful October poem.

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