Sharing Summer’s Bounty

I’ve had a fairly busy summer–working on more books for Lerner, a couple of Click articles, and some other small writing gigs. Often when I have work-for-hire assignments, poetry flies out the window. But this summer I’ve managed to write some poetry too. Liz Steinglass and I exchanged daily poems in July (which allowed us both to complete drafts of collections we started during our exchange in April.) My critique group held it’s annual retreat, which is always a productive and inspiring time. AND I participated in Tabatha’s Summer Poetry Swap! The main reason I signed up for the swap is for the deadlines–I wish I could say I always write every day, but without some kind of accountability I lose focus.

The summer swap has a wonderful added benefit: my mailbox fills with poetry! I shared a couple of earlier swap poems here. Today I’m posting the final three poems I received.

I could have used Tabatha Yeatts‘ inspiration when I was struggling to write my final March Madness poem about gargoyles! Tabatha’s laughing, splashing, open-mouthed gargoyle has so much spunk and attitude–and I appreciated that she wrote a “Things To Do” poem, as I had played with that form recently on my blog.

©Tabatha Yeatts
©Tabatha Yeatts

I guess I’ve earned a reputation as a dragonfly lover, because Irene Latham sent me my second dragonfly poem of the swap. I was also happy to recognize that Nikki Grimes’ challenge on Today’s Little Ditty inspired Irene’s iridescent, helicoptering dragonfly.

©Irene Latham
©Irene Latham

Linda Baie’s “Blowing Out the Summer Candles” was not the final poem I received in the swap. But it is full of the bounty and sweetness of summer’s end, and the perfect poem to close my post with:

©Linda Baie
©Linda Baie

Thanks to all my summer swappers! Be sure to visit Sylvia at Poetry for Children to share this week’s Poetry Friday harvest.



18 thoughts on “Sharing Summer’s Bounty

  1. Such creativity in the summer swaps! I do love that gargoyle — looming, pausing to laugh, resuming looming.

  2. Hi again, Buffy– (I just commented, but it looks like it was lost).
    Just wanted to say how lovely it is of you to share these poem gems from your friends and fellow poets. I love all this collaboration and exchange. And thanks for joining the Poetry Friday gathering. Here’s to a new school year full of Poetry Friday fun!

  3. Hi, Buffy,
    How lovely to share these poem gems from your friends and fellow poets! So generous of you and such fun poems, too. Thanks for joining us all for the Poetry Friday gathering this week. Here’s to a new school year full of Poetry Friday fun!

  4. I had the pleasure of seeing a person posing as a gargoyle once in the Boston Gardens, and Tabatha’s poem reminds me of the tricks that actor played on people. He sat immobile in a crook of a building, and when someone came close, reached out and touched. I would guess he laughed “when no one is looking” just as Tabatha wrote. And I am in awe of Irene’s beautiful collage pairing with the equally beautiful words: “all graceful flit and hum”. Wonderful to see and read. Thanks for sharing mine, too, Buffy, glad you had some pleasure there with summer, going, going. It’s great to hear of your poem sharing with Liz, makes one work harder, right?

    1. Thanks for letting me share it, Linda! I would love to see a gargoyle mime–and you are right that the poem sharing makes one work harder. It’s like working out with a friend–the only way I exercise regularly.

  5. The summer poetry swap is so rich and wonderful! I have to say that the gargoyle poem by Tabatha is priceless. “Laugh when no one’s looking.” Irene sent me a beautiful collage with a word play poem that was as perfect as this one. She has such a gift with words. And the end of summer, the bittersweet end of Linda’s poem makes me want to reach for the last of the watermelon and save it.

  6. Loved all three poems – the list poem with the gargoyle’s “Laugh when no one’s looking” line, Irene’s dragonfly “…webbed wings winking, singing an early evening song.” and Linda’s cartwheeling figure in front of an apron full of treasures. Her poem will make a good addition to my Goodbye Summer writing file. Thanks so much for sharing!

  7. You and Liz have a great partnership going, Buffy… goodonya for keeping so busy this summer.

    Thank you for sharing these amazing gifts. I, too, love the gargoyle’s irreverence, Linda’s last fling with summer (especially love that opening line), and Irene’s magical, iridescent, winking, singing dragonfly. I’m so chuffed when one of the DMC challenges takes off of its own momentum! Thanks for the mention and link. 🙂

  8. Dragonflies do a lot of flitting, don’t they? I think they are just about the flittiest things I know. I like Irene’s swayback grass and webbed winks, and Linda’s relaxed, cheery joy. Nice illustrations, too. Yay for agreeable whirls!

  9. Thank you for sharing these! They are visually and linguistically delicious. I love the way Tabitha’s gargoyle plays tricks, I love Irene’s dragonfly’s winking wings, and I love Linda’s lazing in a blaze of sun. Is summer really coming to an end? For me the best part was sharing poems with you.

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