First Snow

Monday morning we awoke to the season’s first heavy snow. Branches had fallen, including a tree that took out the power to my neighborhood. We survived the one day outage, and got to enjoy a morning of cross-country skiing on Wednesday.

There’s nothing more magical than that first snow. Every twig and branch sparkled. We haven’t had school-aged kids for almost 10 years, but I still smiled when I heard the no school announcement! I headed out with my camera to enjoy the wonder. The fresh whiteness was soon covered with dog tracks and boot prints.

And today’s mail brought more snowy magic! Lucky me, I found a package from uber-talented and joyful poet Irene Latham for the winter poetry swap! The package overflowed with treasures–paper snowflakes that were recycled from a My Little Pony book (google helped me identify the source of the snowflakes from the Ms. Wiggins, Lulu, and Anna names I spotted,) a very fun journal that was made from a recycled Dr. Seuss The Foot Book, and best of all, a gorgeous poem written by Irene (with words recycled from my poem in The Poetry of US!) Here’s the poem and a few snowflakes for you to savor:


Thank you, Irene–and thanks to Tabatha for organizing the poetry swap! Be sure to visit Carol’s Corner for today’s Poetry Friday roundup.

9 thoughts on “First Snow

  1. Buffy, this post is just delightful. I’ve started recycling old and weeded books. I so agree that the treasures that books hold go beyond just the pages. I’ve made all kinds of things from old books. It’s very satisfying. I hope you are enjoying this special time of the year and look forward to you hosting Poetry Friday next week.

  2. Hi Buffy – I’ve been retired from teaching for eight years, but very little compares with the gift of a snow day! Thanks for the lovely reflection on first snow, and the great idea of poetry swap (is that through the Poetry Friday group?) happy winter!

  3. I saw your pictures on FB & it is a beautiful snow. We’ve had a bit tonight, then more coming on Sunday. How wonderful that you got to get out with your husband and play! And Irene’s poem & the snowflakes are just perfect for you, today, who did take “time”.

  4. I think a snow day is always big fun, whether you are 14 or 64I love Colorado snow, that lasts for a day or two, then melts off. Not so excited about East Coast snow, that lasts and lasts and lasts. And I definitely LOVE Irene’s gift. I want to try making some snowflakes like this!

  5. I like the paper snowflakes as much as the cold ones! Irene had good timing with her light-blooming package 🙂 Still looking forward to our first snow of the season…

  6. I don’t miss shovelling snow, but i do miss having it around sometimes. Thanks for sharing pics of the first snow and your poetry swap goodness. Reminds me I need to mail mine off soon 🙂

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