It’s spring!

There’s a gentle rain tonight as I write, and the peepers are singing. When I walked outside earlier this evening it felt oh-so normal, in spite of the anxiety that is now a part of our daily life. I’m lucky to live in a rural place where I can walk every day without worrying about social distancing. I hope wherever you are, you can find a way to safely get out and search for signs of spring.

And speaking of signs of spring, Lerner Publishing Group is allowing authors to share their books via video for students and teachers to enjoy at home. Here is a video that I made of On a Snow-Melting Day: Seeking Signs of Spring. I added a little science demonstration after the reading that kids can try at home. Please share it with the young people and teachers in your life!

Does your library subscribe to Hoopla? You can find On a Snow-Melting Day and lots of great children’s poetry books on that platform.

If you are an educator who would like to share one of Lerner’s books online, this is their policy:

Lerner is committed to our authors and illustrators as well as the readers who enjoy their books. We want to help protect the hard work and creativity of our contributors while supporting schools and libraries in this difficult time. Educators and librarians looking for read-aloud permission for distance learning, please fill out this form: Permission will be granted as quickly as possible where contracts allow.

Lerner is also putting together a list of resources for teachers, librarians, and parents that will include teaching ideas and discounts in light of the coronavirus. These posts will all be titled “Help at Home” and can be found at Click here for their first post and please feel free to share!

I wish you moments of peace, poetry, and inspiration this spring. Michelle Kogan is sharing lots of spring poetry goodness today. Visit her blog for links to all of today’s Poetry Friday posts.

34 thoughts on “It’s spring!

  1. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous book, Buffy! I enjoyed hearing your voice and was impressed with all the natural noticings in your rhymes. Kids love these science lessons, and I will share them.

  2. Love your clever language and concepts. Borrowed it from my library and gave it five stars. Lovely book❤️

  3. Love the video (and your photo-bombing dog)!! I’m planning to share it with my students after spring break! Thanks to you and your publisher for this gift!

  4. You know I love your book, Buffy, & this time in reading, I’m in the midst of a huge “snow-melting day”. We had snow Friday into Saturday, but today it’s nearly 50 & when walking under the trees, watch out! Drips & plots everywhere. Green things are poking up, ready for spring! I’ll share your video with the girls because I want them to see your science, too! Thanks much, great video!

  5. Great book! I’m so excited! I filled out the Lerner form. Do I wait before I share your fabulous reading?

    1. Thanks, Cathy. You can share the link to my blog page or the you-tube page without any other permission (and I appreciate your doing so!) If you want to read a Lerner book yourself and share it in a video with your students, then you need permission–at least that’s my understanding.

  6. Your video, book and science experiments are a warm spring breeze for students everywhere, Buffy! I love how artists, publishers, and educators are rallying together. Makes me optimistic for society on the other side of this thing. : )

  7. Thank you (and Lerner and so many others) for your generosity during this time! Like you, I am grateful I live out in the country (where there are more cows–and sheep–than people. The peepers’ chorus has been spectacular here this spring. Stay safe!

  8. Buffy, this is wonderful. What a great, professional video you made. I love the science activities you included and the boot of flowers!

    1. Thanks, Liz. I have a pair of rubber boots with flowers on my table–a gift from my in-person critique group when we celebrated a couple of new books. (It looks like I’m soon to have two online groups. Thankful for those connections right now!)

  9. Buffy!

    You and your book made my evening and put a big smile on my face! Art, Language, Nature, Science all in amazingly enjoyable book! What a talent 🙂 I loved your images and the rhythm of your story. Thank you for sharing this with us at such an anxious time- big hugs! Lucinda-
    Couldn’t help notice your pooch outside…. what a good pup!

    1. And having my childhood pal Lucinda commenting on my blog puts a huge smile on my face! Boy those seem like less anxious times (or maybe we were just blissfully oblivious.) Hope you are well, friend.

      1. I am safe and sheltered on Longmeadow Farm in Central PA. Where may I purchase your book? I plan to share it with friends 🙂 ! L

  10. Buffy,

    You did such a good job of reading that I was getting mesmerized at about the 3rd page turn. I loved seeing your dog in the background out the window. I was waiting for him (her) to ‘steal the show’ but he made you proud with leaving all the attention to you and your reading. Love your book!

  11. Wonderful Buffy! How fun to see and hear you reading your most excellent book right here in my living room! Love the “back book” info too! I’m forwarding this to friends with kids at home. btw, I noticed Dakota too and smiled.

    1. Thanks, Kate–glad you enjoyed it and will send it on to folks with kids! Hope you and Peter are doing well–if you’re heading to Michigan this summer, let us know and maybe we can plan a rendezvous.

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