Snow-Melting Thanks

Thank you, Poetry Friday friends for helping me celebrate the launch of my new book On a Snow-Melting Day this month! Many of you wrote reviews and shared blog posts, which I greatly appreciated. Thanks to Molly, Margaret, Carol, Linda, Mary Lee and Jama–click on their names if you’d like to read their posts. And many other Poetry Friday friends posted reviews on GoodReads.

Some non-Poetry Friday folks also shared reviews. Raven and Maria interviewed me and wrote lovely posts. Some blog posts offered ideas for using On a Snow-Melting Day in the classroom: Two Writing Teachers, Archimedes Notebook, and LitLinks.

And of course, there’s Today’s Little Ditty where Michelle has hosted a month-long celebration. I’m thankful to all who wrote a poem for the TLD challenge. It occurred to me today that I should try my own challenge. (Note to self: if there’s a next time, try the challenge out before asking anyone else to do it!)

Winter has returned this week, and the hound and I took a cold word-collecting walk to gather inspiration. I possibly got overly-hyphenated when I came inside to warm myself and write:

February Walk

Crisp-winter stomp,
hound-prancing romp

Snow-freckled trees
worn, rustling leaves

Snout-plowing trail
squirrel-chasing tale

Snow-freckled trees; ear-flapping streak

Boot-tramping creak
ear-flapping streak

Glaciers in claws,
popsicle paws

Nosing the door
snooze-ball once more.
©Buffy Silverman

Happy Poetry Friday! Carol has the roundup of today’s posts at The Blog With the Shockingly Clever Title.

29 thoughts on “Snow-Melting Thanks

  1. The “snout-plowing trail” made me think of my beagle. We didn’t get any snow in Maryland this year, but Rudy has happily moved on to sniffing out spilled bird seed. Sigh.

  2. Buffy, I am still getting visitors to my blog about your new book. My little granddaughter loves the photographs and associates the pictures with the characters. Her best page to review is the snowman-drooping one. When she goes to that page she starts singing Frosty the Snowman. This proves that your book is picture-ready for 2 1/2-year-old little readers.

    What I especially like from today’s poem:
    snout-plowing trail- I think Sierra would enjoy this descriptor because she loves dogs, hiking, and learning new words.
    glaciers in claws

  3. Love this, Buffy! I had so intended to write a poem to your DMC challenge, and the month has just gotten away from me with school visits. Ugh. But I adore your book and love the well-deserved wonderful reception it’s received–wheeee!

  4. I love your poem and want to try again using it as a model/mentor. Then branch out. Can’t wait to get your book and share it with kids. I am doing a few school visits where I drag in 3 suitcases of poetry books to let kids marinate in all these wonderful books they might not see otherwise!!! So yours will be a great addition. I definitely love that snooze-ball line ’cause we can relate. Our granddog is such a gymnast but adores her naps.

  5. Love it, Buffy! Although technically unnecessary (you kind of did try out your challenge ahead of time by writing the book, didn’t you?), this bonus poem makes me smile big time. Many hand-clapping thanks to you and belly-rubbing thanks to that precious snooze-ball of yours for inspiring us at TLD all month long! May I add your poem to the wrap-up celebration?

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